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Club Six Studios, Cosplay Queen of the World Alodia Gosiengfiao Release Addictive New Game Titled ‘Z

In this action-packed tower defense game, a swarm of zombies, monsters and dragons are on a mission to destroy humanity.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA—Club Six Studios is thrilled to announce the global debut of their high-intensity mobile game app, ZvH: Zombies vs Humans. In this medieval era fantasy, gamers must rid the world of the living dead in a variety of epic battles or risk losing everything.

“A lot of hard work and effort went in creating the game. We’re excited for its release because we think gamers everywhere are really going to enjoy it,” stated Aldoia Gosiengfiao who’s not only a world famous cosplayer but also a member of the dynamic team at Club Six Studios.

As the company’s talented concept artist, Gosiengfiao helped design several of the characters in Zombies vs Humans including the Kumiho from Korean folklore. This legendary creature can freely transform, often into a beautiful woman who seduces men before eating their liver or heart.

“Zombies vs Humans includes more than 40 characters all together—and some of them are actually ‘good guys,’” stated Edwin Jarlos, CEO and co-founder of Club Six Studios. “In fact, we’ve created the game so that users don’t have to battle the enemy alone.”

Zombies vs Humans includes several heroes to aid gamers in their attempt to crush the zombies and their posse. For example, Misty Eyes is a deadly yet beautiful archer of noble heritage. Zombies are no match against her prowess. Meanwhile, Sir Gregor is a legendary Paladin. He can demoralize enemies with his words alone. Bharg Windhammer is a mountain warrior known for his strength and fury in battle. Another hero, Trofeus Borhan, is the greatest wizard of all time. He destroys the enemy with his powerful spells.

With 20 exciting levels, gamers will travel to far mystical regions like the Twin Fang River, Farm Lands, Howling Canyons, Iron Point Peaks and Bone Pile to do battle with the enemy. When the trumpet sounds, war has begun. Use your stash to drop bombs on the enemies or wait patiently as the towers take them out with their mighty weapons.

“The premise of the game is to build the towers and stop the zombies and their allies from getting through the gate,” explained James Manto, the second co-founder of Club Six Studios. “As gamers obliterate the enemy, they’re awarded more coins to help them build and maintain their kingdom.”

Gamers not only have a variety of weapons and heroes at their disposal to take out the enemy, they can also summon reinforcements from a neighboring castle to fight the zombies on their behalf. As some gamers can already attest, Zombies vs Humans will keep you entertained for hours.

“I'm playing it on my iPhone 5S and having a pretty fun time with it overall,” stated Owen Adams, a longtime, avid gamer from the United Kingdom. “Nice feel of quality to it.”

Zombies vs Humans is currently available in the Apple App Store for $2.99 and will soon be on Google Play as well. According to Club Six Studios, a sequel to the game is already in the beginning stages. In the second release, humans will actually be the ones attacking as the zombies try to defend their territory. A player versus player component is also in the works. More details will be provided as it becomes available.

ABOUT CLUB SIX STUDIOS: Based in Silicon Valley, Club Six Studios strives to be the #1 go-to source in mobile gaming. Founded by two experienced software developers, James Manto and Edwin Jarlos believe in creating games that are not only entertaining but challenging and high-quality as well. In 2015, famous cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao joined the team, putting the company on the radar of serious gamers everywhere. As their small team continues to grow, it vows to be a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world.

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