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New, Simple Product Offers Solution To Bulky, Uncomfortable Wallets

Described as “the most minimal wallet,” the Ensoband is changing the way consumers carry their valuables.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK—For men and women fed up with lugging around bulky, uncomfortable wallets, a New York City-based company specializing in a wallet alternative is on a mission to change that. The simple solution launched by Ensoband reduces clutter, fits into pockets with ease, and might even help reduce neck and back strain. Tired of sitting on his own overstuffed wallet, Patrick DiDomenico created Ensoband following his desire for something slimmer and much more comfortable.

“I’m an aspiring minimalist; have been for years. I’ve never liked using a wallet,” stated DiDomenico. “They bulge out of your pocket and look horrible. I tried lots of so-called “slim” or “minimal” wallets over the years, and even they are just too much. So, for more than 30 years, I kept going back to using a random, ugly rubber band to wrap up my cards, ID, cash, etc.”

Unfortunately, DiDomenico found that rubber bands didn’t offer a long term solution. They broke regularly. Expensive metal money clips didn’t offer much help either. They, too, were bulky and heavy. They would also occasionally tear holes in DiDomenico’s pockets.

“One day, after my latest rubber band broke, I had had enough. I started some serious research. I contacted elastics companies, got dozens of samples, sizes, and types of bands,” he stated. “Frankly, I learned more than a regular guy should know about elastics. I learned that a specific formulation of silicone – not rubber – would be the perfect substance for holding all my cards in place.”

The material used in Ensoband is extremely durable and flexible. To perfect the product, DiDomenico and his company played with various lengths, widths, thicknesses and hardness of the silicone. The Ensoband’s precise size, silicone composition, aesthetic—and most importantly—minimal simplicity is what sets it apart from competitors.

“Some competitors use standard sized, cheap rubber bands, and print an ugly logo on them. Others re-purpose those wrist bands that you get when you do a 5K charity fun run,” stated the company’s founder. “I spent years of research (and real life trial and error) to develop the perfect product for a specific purpose.”

So far, the feedback to Ensoband’s minimalist wallet has been overwhelmingly positive. Like DiDomenico, fans of the Ensoband experience a sense of relief when they pull out their cards and find them neatly and elegantly secured with a simple, nice looking Ensoband.

“I’m really excited by the launch of this product. The more people who see and experience the Ensoband, and express that same excitement about ditching their bulky wallets like me, the more excited I get!” stated DiDomenico.

The Ensoband can be purchased at the low price of $7.99, comes with free shipping in the USA and a money back guarantee. For a limited time only, customers will also receive 15% off the retail price using promo code PR15. To learn more about the minimalist wallet by Ensoband, visit

ABOUT ENSOBAND: Based in New York City, Ensoband is on a mission to find practical ways to make life easier for everyone. Founded by Patrick DiDomenico, the company creates products that are designed for simplicity. To learn more, click here.

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