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New Royalty-Free Lyrics Service Changing the Songwriting Industry for the Better

Premium Lyrics gives musicians and composers worldwide exclusive access to royalty-free song lyrics for a low fee

NEUWITTENBEK, GERMANY—For musicians and composers in need of talented wordsmiths who possess a knack for delivering top-notch lyrics, they are in luck. Premium Lyrics, a unique marketplace that offers the sale of royalty-free poems and song lyrics, is proud to serve as a “breath of fresh air” for composers and musicians. The platform offers a wide selection of poems or lyrics at an affordable rate. This innovative service is the brainchild of Dr. Christian Krauss, a musician and composer.

“I’m very excited to offer this service to fellow musicians and composers worldwide,” stated Krauss. “I have always been looking for this kind of platform. Unfortunately – there is no song lyrics library with affordable lyrics out there. That’s why I began to develop this library and create this service. I hope others will find it helpful.”

Over the years, collaboration between musicians and lyricists has produced works that far exceed the creation of either musician or lyricist. Famous examples of co-writing teams include the likes of Bernie Taupin and Elton John, and the iconic duo, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II; customarily, one party writes the lyrics and the other the music - as each focuses on his own specialization. Unfortunately, in the modern age of industry financial constraints (especially independent/rising talent), it’s not easy to find affordable professional lyricists.

“It’s a shame really, however, we hope this new innovative service will truly be a game changer. It’s our goal that composers are musicians will be able to easily find the perfect lyrics to use with their projects without breaking the bank. Affordability is one of the main things we take pride in,” stated Krauss.

Premium Lyrics allows songwriters and musicians from across the globe to easily collaborate by giving them access to lyrics or poems that are 100% royalty-free. In doing so, this allows them to find their desired lyrics by selecting a mood, language, or rhyming pattern. Users of the platform, in this case musicians, receive a license to use the lyrics depending upon their intended purpose – private use or professional environment.

“It’s really a win-win situation. Musicians and composers can purchase lyrics or poems at a reasonable rate. At the same time, every lyricists gets a 50% share of all income created form the platform,” stated Krauss. “There is absolutely no risk for lyricists to work with Premium Lyrics. It is completely free.”

For lyricists who are interested in joining the platform, they can do so by clicking here. If they so choose, lyricists who join the platform can also terminate the license agreement with Premium Lyrics (which under some circumstances may be possible) or close their user account. All licenses granted to third parties by Premium Lyrics up to that time shall remain unaffected.

“Premium Lyrics has real potential to connect musicians and songwriters,” says David Toradze, one of the first lyricists on the platform, “I don’t recall ever seeing a website dedicated only towards a market of promoting lyricists and helping musicians find words to their compositions. I believe it’s a niche market, and Premium Lyrics has a great idea.”


PREMIUM LYRICS is an innovative lyrics library through which songwriters offer their song lyrics for licensing, and musicians can purchase a license to use them in a private or professional manner. More information at

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