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Los Angeles-Based Company Experienced in Blockchain Technology Changing the World through ICOs

Popularizing blockchain and developing projects that benefit mankind remain at the heart of what Bigbreak101 is all about.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—The founders of BigBreak101 are no strangers to the world of cryptocurrency. In fact, they began working with blockchain technology in 2010 and were among the first bitcoin miners. Fast forward to today, and the company is on a mission to do some good through ICO (initial coin offering). In today’s world, ICOs have become a hugely popular way for cryptocurrency start-ups to raise money by issuing their own digital tokens in exchange for virtual currencies like Bitcoin or Ether. However, not all ICOs are created equally.

“We are seeing more and more useless ICOs aimed solely at fundraising projects based on merely an idea or promise. We want to contribute to meaningful projects that are not only doable but benefit the entire global community,” stated Katherine Stefanik, the company’s director.

To help to do that, BigBreak101 remains committed to offering full financing and development/marketing support to startups in the blockchain realm that want to launch their next ICO and whose future token is aimed at solving any of the existing problems: global warming, refugee crisis and terrorism.

“We believe that wonderful things can be achieved using blockchain technology and would like to be part of it,” stated Stefanik. “One of our primary goals is to bring meaningful innovation back to this industry as current state of affairs have only discredited blockchain and crypto somewhat.”

The current state of affairs that Stefanik is referring to is the fact that some critics fear that ICOs occupy a regulatory gray area that could leave investors vulnerable to fraud and land startups in legal trouble. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a large number of subpoenas to ICO issuers and to ICO gatekeepers who may have been involved in token transactions that potentially did not comply with the federal securities laws. BigBreak101, however, is leading example of ICO done right.

“We believe in transparency and complying with all governmental regulations. We take that seriously. We not only want to be your go-to company for ICO assistance but we want to be one that customers can trust,” stated Stefanik. “We also disclose our fees upfront, and our price list is published on our web. There’s no secrecy with us.”

For companies interested in fundraising their next project through ICO, visit

ABOUT BIGBREAK101.COM: Based in Los Angeles, Bigbreak101 is an ICO company with expertise in crypto currencies, crypto marketing & community building, smart contracts and blockchain technology. The company is a pioneer in the realm of virtual currency and were among the first bitcoin miners nearly a decade ago.

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