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HowUdish, the Social Networking App for Food Lovers and Health Enthusiasts, Releases Major Update

Along with transforming how foodies order their meals and discover new dishes, the diet social networking app’s new “Dish Together” feature now makes it easy for users to find new friends and even that special someone.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK—HowUdish, the innovative app that helps users find dishes suited to their tastes and nutritional lifestyle, has released a major update to its social networking platform. Users can now use the app to network with like-minded individuals who share the same interests in health, food, and nutrition. Along with making new friends, the app’s new “Dish Together” feature even makes it possible for users to find romantic connections based on a shared affinity for eating healthy.

“The new and improved version of the app is like night and day. We listened to our users. It’s all encompassing, and we really think our users are going to enjoy it,” stated Michael Gayed, founder of the app.

Along with the app’s networking capabilities, HowUdish’s new user experience includes millions of new dishes that will appear in the app, as well as a completely revamped community section with tagging ability and a new easy, fun way for users to share their health and dish tips and tricks with others.

“We’re going to be adding a map feature and menu scanner soon,” stated Gayed. “The menu scanner is particularly cool because it allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to take a picture of a menu and know instantaneously what dishes likely fit their nutritional preferences.”

First launched in October 2017, the HowUdish app is a dish discovery social network for people who don’t just want to diet, but for those who want to find great food nearby that fits their food requirements, all while connecting with others who dish just like they do.

“So, whether you’re eating a paleo, gluten-free, keto, or vegetarian diet, the app has a dish just for you,” stated Gayed. “And with this newest update, dish discovery is much more fun, visually appealing, and interactive. It also makes it possible to connect with other foodies at nearby restaurants in ways no other app does.”

The HowUdish app is also perfect for people on the go because it even recommends curated, diet-specific, location-based menu options. According to Gayed, it was his own struggles with finding healthy food options while bouncing between city to city that prompted him to create the HowUdish app in the first place.

“As the founder, I found myself gaining quite a bit of weight while traveling. I would do what everyone else does when on the road—find a place to eat, rather than focus on what to eat and where to get it. I created HowUdish to change that entirely,” he stated.

With the app, HowUdish users can also set diet and nutrition goals, devise a strategy to reach them, rate and report restaurant dishes, receive special offers, and chat with other HowUdish users, as well as save money on diet-friendly dishes they find at nearby restaurants.

The app is currently FREE for download on the Apple App Store. To learn more about the social networking app for food lovers and health enthusiasts alike, visit the HowUdish website—and find the dish that's fit for you!

About Felix Culpa Publishing, LLC: Based in Brooklyn, New York, the makers of HowUdish strive to create innovative products that help people lead healthier lives. HowUdish uses a user’s location to recommend restaurant dishes most likely to fit within his or her diet. Whether they’re following a low-calorie, low-carb, high protein, low fat, balanced, high fiber, vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free food regimen, the company’s vision is to help people live healthier lives by closing the information gap between what they should be eating at restaurants, and what they actually are.

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