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Global Health & Peace Philosopher Reveals the Key to Happiness, Inner Solace in New Book

In author Patrick Ehler’s new book titled “Intuition Routine,” he unveils his ‘10 Point Intuition Cell-Awareness Method’ to help others live a life void of negative energy.

BAVARIA, GERMANY—Author Patrick Ehler knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom and live a life that’s spiraling out of control. For years, he battled severe depression only made worse by anxiety and panic attacks, alcoholism, drug abuse and prostitution. Just when he thought any chance of a normal life was impossible, an accident resulting in electric shock that him the wakeup call that he needed to turn it around once and for all.

“This shock forced me to invite myself outside of myself and into ‘mycellf.’ All my thoughts that were plugged onto the external world, were released and it was like I received a book, a book of wisdom,” stated Ehler. “Suffering is something that often we can see people are afraid of, don't speak about, or are ashamed. Every pain, every war which can be outside or inside, every joy is a reminder within the body to reconnect and align with what the cells really would like to get nurtured with.”

Following the author’s epiphany and determination to help others live their best life yet, he has gone on to develop and popularize the ’10 Point Intuition Cell-Awareness Method,’ an analytical reflection technique based on the notion that our intuition guides us to decisions and choices that are beneficial to our body on the cellular/biochemical level.

“The concept of inviting yourself into ‘yourcellf’ or what I call CELL-awareness from self-awareness teaches that our body intuitively knows what it needs. This knowledge is based on a wealth of life experience and inherited genetic traits, which remain un-rationalized by a person, belong to the realm of the unconscious mind, and form the foundation of some of our basic reflexes and habitual behaviors,” explained Ehler. “When I take my attention back home into my body, I better understand the signal I get. When I live with the mind outside of my body, outside of my cells, my attention is not within me. So it is difficult to listen to the wisdom the cells share.”

According to Ehler, his ‘10 Point Intuition Cell-Awareness Method’ is a reflection-based approach, consisting of specific steps aimed at rationally analyzing various situations associated with potential conflicts and danger, either internal, interpersonal or environmental. This technique centers on the fact that our intuition is ultimately the guide to our freedom and peace. Unfortunately, he says many people choose to ignore that “gut instinct” and often lack true “CELL-awareness.”

“Every action that we take is being written into our tissues,” stressed Ehler. “Our cells consume our actions. Intuitive choices support a sustainable outcome, holistic consumption, intuitive choice take the freedom to choose out of the given moment.”

In Ehler’s debut book, it is our intuition, he writes, that shows us how to be whole. The knowledge from which the book is derived comes from scientific research as well as the author’s own personal experiences. The book is filled with 440 pages and 53 chapters that touch on such issues as: forgiveness, anxiety, cellular disorders, childhood shaming, cognitive health, fasting, mental health, genetics, nutrition and more.

“When people read my book, I want them to see that they have the choice to live a joyful life with a peaceful intention on a healthy planet. They have the ability to metabolize past experiences that are still stuck within the system and transform them into a source of wisdom,” stated Ehler. “I want them to learn about and integrate their individual biological and holistic constitution, to cultivate choices that nurture the cells rather than consume them.”

Ehler’s book, Intuition Routine, is available in bookstores as well as on Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. To preview the book or purchase it, simply click on this link.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born in Germany, Patrick Ehler has been working intensively on recent studies on epigenetics, microbiology, salutogenesis, nutritional science and theories of intuitive nutrition that all together are the key to a healthy and joyful life. His work is about improving global health and global peace through cultivating intuitive choices. Currently, he teaches around the globe through personal encounters, individual counselling, seminars, lectures and contribute as an author at Paracelsus Naturopathic School publishing articles regarding holistic health. To learn more, visit:

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