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8-Year-Old Fredericksburg Native Catches The Attention Of Reigning Rap Queen, Cardi B

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA—Chart-topper Cardi B is taking notice of a young rapper in the making who hails from Fredericksburg. After Kennedy O’Neal recently dropped a remix to the chart topper’s popular single, “Money,” the hip hop queen quickly took notice and showed the young rising rapper some social media love courtesy of Instagram.

“I was so excited and surprised when Cardi B saw my remix to her song. I worked so hard on it, and for someone of her talent and caliber to react so positively to it, it means a lot. I’m a big fan of hers,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s “Money” remix attracted Cardi B’s attention after the Instagram account for FroBabies, which has more than 772,000 followers and focuses on empowering children of color, posted a video clip of the 8-year-old’s music video with the caption “Super Kennedy does a remix to Cardi B's 'Money.' She is teaching kids to save and invest.’” It wasn’t long before Cardi B responded to the post with “I loveeee it.”

“I am such a big Cardi B fan. She speaks her truth, and it isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I admire that and do the same thing in my music. When it comes to saving at a young age and financial responsibility, I’m honest. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy first entered that national spotlight after appearing on “Good Morning America” in 2018 to talk about the release of her debut book, “The Adventures Of Super Kennedy: Saving & Investing!” Just like her latest single, the book teaches kids the importance of financial responsibility and saving at a young age. To date, the book has sold over 10,000 copies.

But it’s not just Cardi B or “GMA” who’ve taken notice of Kennedy’s “financial movement”—so has Kavia James who has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram. She is the daughter of NBA Legend Dwyane Wade and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union.

"I love dancing to 'Piggy Bank' Keep it up!" she wrote on a recent Instagram post.

“I am grateful and really appreciate the exposure that Cardi B, GMA, Kavia and even the local media have brought to my work,” Kennedy said. “The more kids that understand the importance of saving and investing at a young age, the more financially secure they will be as adults.”

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Kennedy O’Neal is on a mission to help other kids learn the value of saving money. She knows that it’s the key to building a more stable, secure future. She loves kids her age but gets concerned when she meets other children who do not know that they should be saving their money. When she’s not busy adding money to her piggy bank, she enjoys taking part in gymnastics.

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