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Tech Get Go Releases Reliable, High-Capacity Portable Power Bank To The Global Market

The company’s PowerGo SS 5000 is currently the fastest, most lightweight, and most affordable portable charger of its kind.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA— According to a market research report, the demand for the global portable battery pack market is expected to increase by nearly 20 percent and become a $10.94 billion industry by 2020. To keep up with consumer interest, Tech Get Go is now offering its own unique portable charger for sale via the company’s website.

“We are excited to add this latest product to our already abundant inventory,” stated Artium Zakarian, the company’s founder. “We truly believe that our portable charger is better than many that are currently available for purchase. A lot of portable charges today tend to be heavy, bulky, too large to fit in your pocket, and take longer than three hours to recharge once the power bank is depleted. Our product is just the opposite.”

According to Tech Get Go, the PowerGo SS 5000 offers consumers reliable, fast-charging power for their iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet devices and wearables. Unlike traditional battery chargers, the PowerGo SS 5000 can recharge in just under 20 minutes. Users can then use the portable charger to recharge their devices on the go—making it the preferred choice for portable power.

“We live in a society where everyone is glued to their smartphone or tablet, especially for business. When the battery dies, sometimes consumers are forced to wait a long time for their device to recharge using most standard wall chargers,” stated Artium. “However, the PowerGo SS 5000 is able to charge mobile devices up to 12 percent faster, saving individuals up to 24 minutes of smartphone charging time so they can focus on more important things.”

Since its initial release, consumer response to the PowerGo SS 5000 has been overwhelmingly positive. Based on customer feedback, individuals who’ve used Tech Get Go’s portable charger for the first time indicated that they would never go back to using their current power banks which can take overnight to recharge and aren’t as convenient.

“We’re grateful for the feedback from customers so far. It only helps to improve our service and product inventory to them,” expressed Artium. “We recently had one customer tell us that in the short time it takes him to make a cup of coffee in the morning, the PowerGo SS 5000 is fully charged so he’s ready to start his day.”

With its beautiful aluminum shell and sleek design, the PowerGo SS 5000 includes a short circuit protection combined with multiple advanced safety semiconductor chips to keep your mobile devices safe and working longer. It is competitively priced at $39.99. To learn more about Tech Get Go’s portable charger, click here.

About Tech Get Go: Based in Los Angeles, California, Tech Get Go is a high-end electronics accessory manufacturer founded by a group of spirited technology enthusiasts. Comprised of a multinational team of engineers and researchers, the company prides itself in developing new technologies to improve accessories that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. The company prides itself with its worry free lifetime warranty program for most products and lifetime customer support warranty program. At Tech Get Go, customers are #1.

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