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Easy-to-Use Program Makes Scanning Sheet Music a Piece of Cake

ScanScore lets musicians scan music sheets effortlessly for accurate playback

HAMBURG, GERMANY—Lugert Publishing recently announced the exciting release of its latest software program, ScanScore, which aims to take traditional sheet music scanning to the next level. Whether from a phone, tablet, or conventional scanner, the program allows musicians to easily scan and playback printed sheet music wherever they might be.

“We are very pleased to launch this new software,” stated Sebastian Lugert, CEO of the German-based company, Lugert Publishing. “A lot of hard work has gone into creating a top- quality product that musicians, all over the globe, can benefit from.”

According to Lugert, his company created the software in order to provide fellow musicians with a product that is not only simple to use – but most importantly, affordable. While ScanScore may be cheaper than similar programs on the market, quality is not at all compromised.

“Yes, there are other sheet music scanning products out there. However, we like to think that our program offers musicians a cleaner interface, so that it is less intimidating to use and not overwhelming in any way.”

To use the program, musicians can simply scan their sheet music or take a picture with their smartphone. The program will quickly recognize the score. ScanScore comprehends all the symbols of standard music notation and has the capabilities of playing all kinds of sheet music and scores.

“Via the MusicXML interface, musicians can export their notes to almost any music program and edit them further,” explained Lugert. “A scanning module has been part of our music notation suite for some time now. Now we reached the point, where we have a solution that is good enough to release as a standalone.”

Once the music is scanned, users can then make edits and corrections to the notes. The program also allows scanning of printed or digital documents in seconds, for playback and further processing in another program.

“We feel confident that musicians will find our program to be a valuable tool at a price they can easily afford,” stated Lugert.

To learn more about ScanScore or purchase it, visit: For ten percent off your first order, simply enter the promo code, SCANSCORE-10, at checkout.

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