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Revolutionary Platform Helps Leading Fitness & Beauty Brands Connect With Social Media Influence

FitBeau is the first influencer platform of its kind to transform how big brands market to consumers.

LONDON, ENGLAND—Recent trends continue to prove that more and more consumers are buying goods and services based on what they see in their social media feeds, forcing companies to adapt accordingly. Fortunately, Fitbeau is here to help. The company’s new social media influencer platform, the first of its kind, helps brands in the beauty and fitness industry promote their product, share their message or drive traffic to their website by connecting them with leading social media influencers.

“The beauty and fitness industry is seeing major growth, and now more than ever, companies are trying to cultivate relationships with influencers to catch the attention of consumers,” stated Tony Walker, Fitbeau’s founder. “The truth is consumers tend to trust those in their social media group more so than messages or anything else coming directly from brands.”

Kim Kardashian West, Huda Kattan and Nikkie de Jagger are just a few examples of social media influencers who have helped to drive brands in the health and beauty industry to new all-time, record-breaking sales. To assist companies with a successful marketing efforts, Fitbeau quickly matches brands with the right influencers in order to generate higher sales and retention compared to traditional paid ads. The company also aims to help to increase influencer income by providing them with more offers to promote a company’s products.

“We are extremely thrilled with this exciting, new platform,” stated Walker. “There isn’t an influencer platform for fitness and beauty, and we believe it is desperately needed as the fitness and beauty industry is booming. Brands are already starting to unlock the potential of content creators and that’s great considering that there are hundreds of thousands of deeply engaged fans and followers all over the globe.”

Officially launching in late October 2017, Fitbeau’s innovative platform easily pairs brands with social media influencers to help them expose their products to an even greater audience. The company proactively targets influencers who have over 10k followers and are regularly posting content related to beauty and fitness.

“We want to bring the best talent and expertise together with great products and services, to educate the public on living health, feeling and looking good, for long term gains,” stated Walker. “We’ve observed the evolution of social media marketing from right at the start, and will keep putting in the effort, hard work and recruiting of more talent to keep our registered brands and influencers ahead of the curve and continue to bring in more innovative features to meet their specific fitness and beauty needs.”

Signing up for the FitBeau platform is completely free for companies. They get free access to the company’s newsletters, a list of influencers to either preview their social media analytics or take a deep dive into their influencing performance. On top of that, brands can even launch a risk-free campaign to receive proposals from only influencers who match their criteria.

“They won’t need to pay anything until they’ve found the right match, and even then we take a small percentage fee,” explained Walker. “We encourage brands to chat with their influencer via the app or website to confirm they’ve found the right brand ambassador, and to ensure the influencer produces the perfect content the first time.”

Using the platform also costs social media influencers absolutely nothing and gives them the opportunity to work with some amazing brands. As a niche platform, the company helps provide them with the tools they need to not just find the right brands, but to continuously improve their content, increase their follower/fan-base, and get them to the next level, which could even mean launching their own brand in the future with their own products.

“As an influencer, this is a great way to get headhunted by fitness and beauty brands. We’ve also established a community which encourages sharing of ideas, tips and stories of their journey, so they can inspire influencers who are just starting up, and in turn be inspired by those influencers who are already at a position where they strive to get to,” stated Walker. “This continuous growth, strengthening and improvement of our community of influencers can only mean one thing: better content!”

To learn more about the platform, visit

ABOUT FITBEAU: Headquartered in London, England, Fitbeau is proud to serve brands and social media influencers also over the globe. Always evolving, the company prides itself in strategically matching talented influencers and content creators with competitive brands in order to expose consumers to amazing products that they genuinely care about.

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