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Porta Stepper™ Exerciser Recognized for its Innovation, Makes Exercise Fun, Convenient & Super E

YZY Global, LLC, offers a practical fitness solution for individuals who have a hard time getting around or are forced to sit for long periods of time. A great holiday gift!

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA—Big things are happening at YZY Global, LLC, the California-based company behind the revolutionary Porta Stepper Exerciser. The Porta Stepper™ Exerciser was recently recognized by the Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program as a standout product to watch for. It is also the reigning local winner of the SBA (Small Business Administration) 2017 InnovateHER Business Challenge for innovations that empower women’s lives.

“Our product can help people stay productive while staying active all the times. People can use Porta StepperTM Exerciser anytime and anywhere while seated, such as doing office work, talking on the phone, watching TV, even on the airplane. ,” stated Ying (Vicky) Butler, the co-founder of YZY Global, LLC. “Being recognized by these respected organizations is validation that that others are seeing the value in our one-of-a kind product.”

The Porta Stepper™ exerciser is a patented, spring-type leg and arm exerciser that provides a gentle form of low impact workout for various muscles throughout the body. It fits under the desk. People can exercise their legs, burn some calories and get their work done without spending extra time. The light-weight, portable device is perfect for home exercisers (especially for the senior citizens), office workers and busy travelers. It’s appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

“We’re excited to have recently partnered with a leading orthopedic chiropractor to create a series of video exercises ( that users of our product can do as part of their daily workout,” stated Butler. “These exercises could help individuals to exercise the muscles in their legs, arms, abdomen and shoulders.”

The manufacturer recently delivered the first large order of Porta Steppers™ Exerciser to YZY Global, LLC. This means customers can now buy the Porta StepperTM directly from the company’s website ( It is also still available on Amazon. The Porta Stepper™ Exerciser retails for the low price of $55.99. Free shipping is included.

The Holiday season is coming! Porta Stepper Exerciser, a well designed, good quality device could be on the top of your gift shopping list. You can buy Porta Stepper for your parents or your grandparents who is not too active, you friend who is desk bound or takes long trips. You are not just buying them gifts, you’re showing your concern and offering best wishes for a Happy and Healthy holiday!

To learn more about the Porta Stepper, visit

ABOUT YZY GLOBAL, LLC: With a background in the medical profession, Ying (Vicky) Butler launched YZY Global, LLC in memory of her father who passed away from cancer several years ago. Based in beautiful Pasadena, California, YZY Global, LLC is changing the way people exercise with the Porta Stepper™ portable leg exerciser. Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, the company is on a mission to make the world healthier—one small step at a time.

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