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Warning: Dating Apps a Buzzkill for those Looking for Romance

Injecting the human touch with algorithms available online can solve the issues, according to one matchmaking pro.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK—With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, activity on dating apps is expected to spike, and not just with the younger generation. Since 2013, online dating has increased by almost two-thirds among 45- to 54-year-olds and doubled for the 56- to 64-year-olds.

In a day and age where many online dating apps encourage swiping either left or right, apparently too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing. Julie Ritchie, the matchmaking pro and owner of A Million Matches, notes that contrary to the belief that online daters must be persistent and consistent, being too connected to your dating site can work against you and often lead to failure.

“I spent a decade dating online before ultimately marrying and starting a family at 40, so I believe that love can be found in the digital age,” she says. “However, you need to have a balance.”

According to Ritchie, the compulsive use of dating apps can negatively impact a person’s ultimate success in finding love. They get frustrated and deflated if they don’t get the attention they feel they should, but they keep checking for more. It’s crushing, and often they throw in the towel without giving it a fair shot at success.

How to solve the soul sucking and obsessive nature of such apps?

“Inject some old fashioned instincts and feelings to the process,” says Ritchie. “Anyone online for themselves is also using their own instincts and feelings. My value add is that I am not emotionally involved which makes a big difference.”

That’s what she promises is happening at A Million Matches.

“At A Million Matches, we pay less attention to winks and likes and more to proactively searching for people with qualities our clients are looking for,” adds Ritchie. “We are made up of warm-blooded humans who use old-fashioned instincts and feelings to assess who would be a good fit for clients. We use the algorithms available online, but inject a human touch.”

In business since 2011, A Million Matches boasts a 90% success rate. The company caters to professional women, 40+, often divorced with kids. They already have it all. The one missing piece, however, is the right man. Ritchie says for many of her clients, they simply can’t stomach going online to find one, though. That’s where her company comes in.

“Nothing brings me greater joy than making my clients happy by finding them love, online or off. Just don’t let your smartphone sabotage it,” Ritchie says.

To learn more about A Million Matches, visit

ABOUT A MILLION MATCHES: Based in Toronto, Canada, A Million Matches has been successfully matching clients all over North America for nearly a decade. The company offers a human touch in the digital online dating world for hard-working, professional women at rates they can afford. By selecting the established dating site which best fits the profile of their clients, the company has a proven track record and experience that counts.

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