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Premium Lyrics Reaches Big Milestone; Musicians Now Have Access to More than 1,000 High-Quality Lyri

Since its official launch less than 14 months ago, Premium Lyrics has become a leading site for artists to buy and sell lyrics.

NEUWITTENBEK, GERMANY—Premium Lyrics is proving to be a major game changer for musicians and composers in need of original, high-quality lyrics. Since its original launch in November 2017, the site continues to grow at impressive rate. In just 14 months, the site’s professional stock library now includes more than 1,000 premium lyrics from over 200 lyricists. Those numbers, of course, continue to grow by the day. Christian Krauss, the founder of Premium Lyrics, is pleased by the site’s progress and looks forward to its continued growth.

“I’m very happy that the site is continuing to attract composers and musicians from all over the world. After all, it started from humble beginnings,” stated Krauss. “Just a little over a year ago, getting the word out about the site’s service was challenging, and I had to actually search for lyricists and pitch the site to them. Today, I get a lot of applications, some of which are quite good.”

When searching for a marketplace to buy and sell lyrics, Premium Lyrics consistently ranks high on Google as one of the top sites to visit. Along with its large library of original lyrics, the site was recently optimized for the American market earlier this month. Now it’s possible for users to pay not only with Euros but dollars as well. According to Krauss, one of his goals is to make the site as user-friendly as possible for both buyers and sellers. That’s why more improvements to the site are on the horizon.

“I am currently working on many new optimizations for the artists on the site. For example, a free certificate of authenticity will soon be available. With trusted timestamps all lyrics of the artists should receive a digital certificate,” he stated.

A musician and composer himself based in Germany, Krauss launched Premium Lyrics because he felt the Internet lacked good online platforms that provided easy access to royalty-free poems and song lyrics.

“Although, I am a musician and composer myself, I admit that I am not good at writing lyrics. Whenever I would do a search on the Internet for lyrics, I could never find what I was looking for. That's why I created this platform to unite musicians and lyricists,” he explained.

Premium Lyrics remains one of the few professional sites on the World Wide Web that offers lyrics currently in English, German and Spanish for licensing. Other languages are also accepted. According to Krauss, the lyrics sold on Premium Lyrics can also be used professionally for a musician’s own productions.

“Lyricists don't have to pay a fee for the placement. The artists receive a share of every sale on the platform,” explained Krauss. “However, we pay close attention to the quality of the lyrics submitted to us. As a result, we have a multi-stage hiring process and only accept the best artists on our platform.”

Visitors are also encouraged to visit the educational blog by Premium Lyrics. Every month professional lyricists provide interesting tips on how lyrics work and are written.

According to Krauss, there is absolutely no risk for lyricists to work with Premium Lyrics. It is completely free. However, they need to have at least 10 pieces of work to be considered. For users interested in purchasing lyrics, they can sign up for a free account. After they’ve selected their lyrics to purchase, they can easily pay by PayPal or credit card.

As Krauss looks ahead to the future, he looks forward to Premium Lyrics becoming the primary platform where songwriters and musicians from all over the world meet and benefit from each other’s talents.

“A creative exchange of artists will always be the vision for Premium Lyrics. Of course, a big chart-hit would also be great,” Krauss said with a smile.

ABOUT PREMIUM LYRICS Premium Lyrics is an innovative lyrics library through which songwriters offer their song lyrics for licensing, and musicians can purchase a license to use them in a private or professional manner. More information can be found at

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