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Inspirational Artwork by Popular, Los Angeles-Based Artist Showcased at Luxury Hotel

Known for paintings that capture the heart and inspire the soul, Amber Goldhammer’s artwork has already caught the attention of Hollywood. Now her latest work has become a permanent fixture at Hotel Wilshire in Los Angeles

In a country that currently seems more divisive than united in love and respect for one another, LA-based visual artist, Amber Goldhammer, is on a mission to change that—one brush stroke at a time with her new art series simply titled ‘I Love You.’

“My ‘I Love You’ series is about giving and receiving love,” explained Goldhammer. “Frankly, we could use a lot more of it these days. Love has the power to break down barriers, heal the broken hearted, give hope where there currently is none and more than anything just change the world for the better.”

If her artwork looks familiar, that’s because it is. It has been featured on such TV series as Million Dollar Listing, Being Mary Jane, The Catch, Netflix’s best original series, G.L.O.W. as well as both multi-Emmy® nominated series, Crazy Ex- Girlfriend, and Scandal. Celebrities, like actor Kevin Hart, have also acquired some of her paintings.

“I’ve always been an abstract artist with a love for graffiti art. Wanting to write positive messages of love and hope has gravitated with a lot of people and industries. It has become my biggest accomplishment in my art career,” stated Goldhammer.

With a talent for creating vibrant, abstract paintings with a street art edginess, Goldhammer’s ‘I Love You’ art series has recently gone on to capture the attention of Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group Inc., a San Francisco, California, based hotel and restaurant brand owned by the Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG).

Originally built in 2011, the Kimpton Group’s Hotel Wilshire has recently undergone a complete makeover. Prior to the redesign of the 41,900-square-foot boutique hotel in Los Angeles, the hotel and restaurant brand reached out to Goldhammer through Lendrum Fine Art, an art consulting firm, to commission and license her artwork.

“The Kimpton Hotel group was on board with my message, and gravitated to the theme of the series,” explained Goldhammer. “It was a perfect fit for the vibe they were looking for. They wanted something calming and happy for their guests. In a way, it’s telling the guests how much they are appreciated.”

Fast forward to today, and her paintings, which have been turned into wall mural coverings, are featured in all 74 rooms of Hotel Wilshire. There, her artwork will remain a permanent fixture, forever greeting guests staying inside the hotel. For Goldhammer, she’s grateful for the opportunity to share her work and, most importantly, her message of love with guests visiting the hotel from all over the world.

“To be featured in every single room of a Kimpton hotel seems like only a dream. But it’s a reality! I’m so honored by this opportunity,” stated Goldhammer. “I hope that when people step into a room see my artwork on the wall, they know that they matter and are special.”

This is not the first time for Goldhammer’s artwork to be featured inside a major hotel. Her artwork is also a permanent staple and part of the decor at Kimpton Epic Hotel in Miami, Florida and The Strat Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her artwork can also be found at the University of California Irvine.

To learn more about Amber Goldhammer, visit

ABOUT AMBER GOLDHAMMER: Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Amber spent time with a creative grandmother, who instilled in her a love of art from an early age. Her love of painting ultimately led her to Los Angeles, where she began collaborating with like-minded local artists and experimenting with various mediums and processes on canvas. Today, her art combines abstract elements with stylized graffiti in a contemporary and harmonious way that is relevant to feelings and emotions of human nature. Her artwork has been featured in galleries throughout the United States, exhibitions in Toronto, Canada, Zurich, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

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